Hi Friedrich,

100%! You read my mind: I am currently working on adding KEM primitives to Verifpal and this should be announced in the coming weeks.

Nadim Kobeissi
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On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 10:14 PM Friedrich Wiemer via Verifpal <verifpal@lists.symbolic.software> wrote:
Hi Nadim,

After watching your very nice ACM CCSW promotion video for verifpal I feel inclined to model some post quantum adjusted protocols 😉
However, if I see this correctly, verifpal does not currently support key encapsulation mechanisms. Is it possible to add this?
As it seems that NIST goes for KEM standardizations much more than for PQ-PKE ones, it would be nice to have a KEM primitive.


Dr. Friedrich Wiemer,

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