[Verifpal] [ANNOUNCE] Verifpal 0.27.0

Symbolic Software Drone drone at drone.symbolic.software
Sun May 29 16:58:29 UTC 2022


Verifpal 0.27.0 is now available. Verifpal updates bring new features, performance improvements and/or bug fixes.

1. Release Notes
Verifpal 0.27.0 fixes an analysis bug caused by an ill-thought "performance optimization". It also updates a few dependencies.

Thanks to Oskar Goldhahn (NTNU) for detecting the issue.

2. PGP-Signed Releases
Official signed, pre-compiled release builds are provided for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD in x86, amd64 and arm64 variants, here:

Verifpal releases are signed using the following PGP key:

In order to verify the PGP signature of your downloaded Verifpal release binary, please first verify the signature of the checksum file, verifpal_0.27.0_checksums.txt, against its signature, verifpal_0.27.0_checksums.txt.sig. Both files are located in the releases directory linked above.

Once the signature of the checksum file is verified, ensure that the SHA256SUM of your downloaded release archive matches the one listed inside the checksum file for your chosen platform.

3. Updating Via Package Manager
If you have installed Verifpal via the Scoop package manager for Windows, simply run the following commands to update to Verifpal 0.27.0:
scoop update
scoop update verifpal

If you have installed Verifpal via the Homebrew package manager on Linux and macOS, simply run the following commands to update to Verifpal 0.27.0:
brew update
brew upgrade verifpal

4. More Information
Verifpal is supported by research grants as well as contributions from its users. If you have found Verifpal to be useful, please consider contributing via a donation: https://verifpal.com/donate

Don't forget to join the conversation on the official Verifpal Discord: https://verifpal.com/discord

For more general information about Verifpal, please visit: https://verifpal.com

Thank you,
Symbolic Software Drone

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