[Verifpal] [ANNOUNCE] Verifpal 0.13.7

Symbolic Software Drone drone at drone.symbolic.software
Fri May 29 13:34:43 CEST 2020


Verifpal 0VERSION0 is now available. Verifpal updates bring new features, performance improvements and/or bug fixes.

Verifpal 0.13.7 fixes two bugs in Verifpal's analysis, both identified and reported by Georgio Nicolas:

- Values declared using Verifpal's password qualifier may result in false positives being identified by Verifpal despite no such attack having taken place in the model.

- Partial resolutions of targeted values in confidentiality queries may have led to missed attacks in certain scenarios.

This release also improves the reproducibility of Verifpal builds and introduces code-signed releases, as discussed on this mailing list thread:

Check out the list of changes in Verifpal 0VERSION0, and download pre-compiled binary builds, here:

Pre-compiled builds are provided for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD in x86, amd64 and arm64 variants.

If you have installed Verifpal via the Scoop package manager for Windows, simply run the following commands to update to Verifpal 0VERSION0:
scoop update
scoop update verifpal

If you have installed Verifpal via the Homebrew package manager on Linux and macOS, simply run the following commands to update to Verifpal 0VERSION0:
brew update
brew upgrade verifpal

On Linux, Verifpal is also available via the Snap Store: https://snapcraft.io/verifpal

To receive more information about Verifpal, please visit https://verifpal.com.

Thank you,
Symbolic Software Drone

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