[Verifpal] Scoop Package Manager Support (Windows)

Nadim Kobeissi nadim at symbolic.software
Tue Feb 4 13:46:08 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

I think it's very important that all of Verifpal's platforms are equally
supported. Previously, Verifpal is available via package manager via
Homebrew (https://brew.sh) only for Linux and macOS. Today, I'm happy to
announce that Verifpal can also now be installed automatically on Windows
using the Scoop (https://scoop.sh) package manager.

Scoop installation instructions have been added to the repository, website,
and user manual. Simply run:
scoop bucket add verifpal https://source.symbolic.software/verifpal/verifpal
scoop install verifpal

I think it's crucial to install Verifpal via a package manager, since it
will make keeping Verifpal up to date achievable sensibly.

Thank you,

Nadim Kobeissi
Symbolic Software • https://symbolic.software
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