[Verifpal] [ANNOUNCE] Verifpal v0.9.21

Symbolic Software Drone drone at drone.symbolic.software
Mon Feb 3 20:25:54 CET 2020


Verifpal v0.9.21 is now available. Verifpal updates bring new features, performance improvements and/or bug fixes.

Check out the list of changes in Verifpal v0.9.21, and download pre-compiled binary builds, here:

Pre-compiled builds are provided for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD in x86, amd64 and arm-6 variants.

If you have installed Verifpal via Homebrew, simply run the following command to update to Verifpal v0.9.21:
brew update && brew upgrade verifpal

Installing Verifpal via Homebrew is the recommended method. If you have installed Verifpal otherwise, consider switching to Homebrew.

To receive more information about Verifpal, please visit https://verifpal.com.

Thank you,
Symbolic Software Drone

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