[Verifpal] Verifpal 0.8.0 + News

Nadim Kobeissi nadim at symbolic.software
Wed Jan 1 21:21:08 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to announce that Verifpal 0.8.0 is now available, with major
improvements to the analysis logic that I think eliminates a serious space
of previously missed attacks.

Aside from that, Verifpal is now available via the Homebrew package manager
for Linux and macOS! Instructions here: https://verifpal.com/software/

Also, I gave a five-minute lightning talk on Verifpal at the 36C3
conference in Leipzig, Germany, a few days ago. Video:

Finally, I will be at the IACR Real World Crypto 2020 conference next week,
ready to talk about Verifpal and to distribute Verifpal stickers:

Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

Nadim Kobeissi
Symbolic Software • https://symbolic.software
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