[Verifpal] Congratulations on the 0.2 release!

Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at nlnet.nl
Tue Aug 27 14:10:36 CEST 2019

Hello all,

Nadim has made the first public release of VerifPal today. sooner than 
expected. Brilliant work without a shadow of a doubt, and very 
user-friendly indeed!

I am very curious what people will do with this now it is out there. It 
has a low barrier to entry, which makes it a technology commons that can 
make symbolic formal verification far more widely accessible than has so 
far been the case - contributing to a safer and more secure internet for 
all. Looking very much forward to future work, building on top of VerifPal.

Michiel Leenaars
NLnet Foundation

P.S. If you have a great idea like this, you might consider asking a 
grant from the Next Generation Internet initiative too via 

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